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Exploring through a creative lens.

From an early age Dean gravitated towards art and computers. His teenage years were spent practicing music and programing games in BASIC, Delphi and C#. Who would have thought that these two mediums would go so well together?

Dean pursued his passion for creating music at the University of Toronto graduating with a degree in Jazz Performance. He spent the next years performing in show bands on various cruise ships before settling in Calgary, Alberta. While working as an Educational Sales Consultant for a national music retailer Dean travelled the province inspiring people through performances and clinics. Dean continues to teach music privately.

His creative focus turned to video and Dean secured a position editing content for one of the largest personalities on Youtube. After four years of daily editing for Jelly, Dean reverted to a part-time freelance stance to allow him to focus on a bachelors in Education.

During his practicum through the University of Ottawa Dean was able to revisit and teach his old passion of programming. Dean has taught Scratch programming to students in schools and online. He continues to explore creative computing through Scratch, Python and Unity.

His passion for video and technology led him to explore the blooming industry of immersive technology. As an early adapter of 360 cameras and Virtual Reality devices Dean has been able to share experiences with students, teachers, and colleagues. This passion has led to speaking engagements at conferences at VRTO 2020, and the 2020 Jean-Paul Dionne Symposium.

Dean's efforts to explore art and technology can be seen though his Blog and Youtube channel.

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