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Tiny Planet Class Photo Lesson

Do you have access to a 360 camera? No? There are many photo apps that can take panoramic photos. These can be used but you'll have to convince the students to stand still.

In my practicum I had my students and associate teacher make a circle. We took a few photos with my Gopro Fusion 360 Camera. These made nice mementos once printed. I had one more use for them though.

I placed a protractor in the center of the tiny planet photo and created a math lesson about angles. How many degrees was student one from student two? Who is 60 degrees from student 3? The students had a great time filling in the work sheet. Now you can too! I've attached a lesson plan with a demonstration photo of my fellow teacher candidates.

Tiny Planet Angles_Measurement_5-8
Download PDF • 7.85MB


- Dean



This hammer was heavy.

I'm Dean. A professional musician and video editor now sharing my experience with my students and the world. I blog mostly about music, technology and how to integrate these subjects in educational situations. I teach Scratch, Python, and am fluent in Adobe Creative Cloud.

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