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Data Visualization with Scratch Programing

I've had the pleasure of teaching Scratch block coding for a year now. It's been amazing introducing students to the power of programming a computer. It's also served as a fantastic back pocket activity in the few times I've supplied.

Wow! You're very own pie chart!

With the new Ontario math curriculum many teachers have had to turn to Youtube videos and outside organizations to learn how to teach coding. While the expectations may sound daunting they are not that complicated in practice. I noticed a lack of lessons and videos that would deal with the grade 7 and 8 expectations. Grade 7 requires students to "solve problems and create computational representations of mathematical situations by writing and executing efficient code..." and grade 8 requires, "read and alter existing code involving the analysis of data in order to inform and communicate decisions..."

With these expectations in mind I created a video that leads viewers through the code required to design a pie chart generator. I explain some of the more complicated blocks such as lists and the pen tool. I also repeat and expand on some concepts to cement the learning. Hopefully you find this lesson useful.

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I'm Dean. A professional musician and video editor now sharing my experience with my students and the world. I blog mostly about music, technology and how to integrate these subjects in educational situations. I teach Scratch, Python, and am fluent in Adobe Creative Cloud.

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